The name of the leader of Korean boy band BTS (turn to RM from Nov 2017). His birth name is Kim Nam-joon. Worth to mention that he would be the only English speaker of the group at the moment (2018) when the group has become well known globally while other members are trying to improve their language.
Rap monster has an IQ of 148, having scored in the top 1.3% of the nation in the university entrance examinations for language, math, foreign language and social studies.
by Arrow611 January 2, 2019
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a member of south-korean boy band BTS
lead rapper, whose voice could make you pregnant

looks like could kill you but is actually a cute cinnamon roll
and not even pure
Ter: oh my god rap monster is such a daddy
Rapmon: ok
by kkaebsongaa January 18, 2017
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A Monster who can rap, or a person who raps so wildly is sounds like a monster
Example 1;

Person A: Hey B, do you think Sulley from Monsters Inc could be a Rap Monster
Person B: Yeh dude, he sick

Example 2;

Person A; Wow he raps hard and fast, he’s a rap monster
Person B; You think so?
by A Rap Monster October 20, 2018
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its rap monster from bts #loveyourself basically means someone is being hot or something either hot or ... its a secret i cant tell anyone.. but dear JAYKAY.. #ilovelittlejungkooksomuch
"oh my god i think she's turning into its rap monster from bts"
by kim namjoon mafia lord January 27, 2022
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