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sound used in response to a horny/ sexual comment amongst girls (pronounced like miieeeeeow)

extra vowels can be added for emphasis eg. reeeeeeeaaaoooowwwww!!
'we ended up upstairs...'

by sexy mofos June 03, 2005
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adjective; the ultimatum of 'raw' (a.k.a. extremely cool, hip, tight, fly, fresh, Redickulous, wavy).

Pronounced syllable...Note: females tend to have difficulty with anunciation

Origin: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Derived from the word 'reaux', which were to the Greeks "thoust who ball out of control."
Ex. 1---
Dude1: "Dayum, that girl is hella sexy!"
Dude2: "She got a raow booty fa sho."

Ex. 2---
Dude1: "Kyle Singler dropped 11 threes!!"
Dude2: "The man is raowwwww!"

You are anti-raow if you apply to any of the following--
*a hater criticizing the term
*a chick who thinks she "gets it" but continues to pronounce it like it is a 2 syllable word
*prideful of LeKrallness
*a Wisconsin-born minnesota gopher fan
*lastly, and by far the most shameful act of anti-raowness--a north carolina tar heel fan
by Boosie Boo November 21, 2009
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