An enderman that likes eating people's children (especially sapnap's) and stealing people's gender
Rip that ranboo ayyyye
by moony_cloud November 13, 2021
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*lore music starts playing*
*along with gangnam style*
ranboo is my comfort streamer, and :) scares me
by leobee April 8, 2021
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has stretchy bones . 6'6 . used to wear eyeliner . used to (/ does sometimes?) paint his nails . can unhinge his jaw bc he got hit in the face with a volleyball . wore cat ears (catboo <3) . would get a tattoo. is amazing at poker and black jack . wears hawaiian shirts. he is just great . also would run at you if he saw you wearing his merch in public .
by catboypikai April 9, 2021
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the man that got 100k twitch subs, the MAN that can make us cry in an instant... but sadly he is scared at horror games. He was number one largest currently subbed twitch streamer for a lil bit.
OMG ranboo is live right now!
by GhostSpright March 25, 2021
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