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Someone that is wearing all gray clothing (usually a sweatsuit) and resembles a raincloud.
Look at that gigantic raincloud over there wearing his basketball sweatsuit!
by cheesemcdeeze July 30, 2011
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A person with incredibly bad luck, karma, and circumstance. Oftentimes self-induced, but not always. As in, they have a rain cloud following them.
Did you hear Buck's girlfriend dumped him, his truck broke down, his dog died, and his house caught fire? Jesus, that guys got the worst luck ever. Yah, ole Buck's a real Raincloud!
by T Morph July 11, 2017
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A way the white man can refer to a mass of blacks without them knowing they're being refered to
"Hey, it's gettin kinda dark, looks like its gonna rain"
"Hey, there's a lotta rainclouds out today. Hope it dont rain"
by KC March 03, 2004
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