Raife is a sexy motherfuck** who dresses like a daddy. Raife usually the best dressed kid in the room. Although Raife knows that hes better then you at everything he doesn't tell you that unless you start talking crap. Raife is a super likable guy who doesn't give a shit what people think about him. He has a very unique personality that everyone likes. If someone says they don't like Raife its because they have never talked to him. Raife always dates the pretty girls but doesn't date them for there looks. Hes not like those other ass holes who date girls just for there body. He dates them for there personality. Hes an amazing friend and an even better athlete. Raife is good at every sport he plays. He is exceptionally good at football and basketball. He can break your ankles on the court and on the field. Hes always swagged out with the best great and looks intimidating as hell.
Why cant you be a Raife?

OMG hes just like a Raife.
I swear your a Raife.

How do you always look that good? Your a Raife.
by Raife March 13, 2018
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