The best singer to solicit American children since Barney. Sung great songs such as "down by the bay" and "peanut butter sandwich"
Wilabe wallabe we an elepahant sat on me!
by cynthia May 13, 2004
Also known as the Children's Troubadour, one of the greatest children's musicians of all time. Responsible for such hits as Baby Beluga and Bananaphone.
Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea, you swim so wild and you swim so free...
by The Almighty Mistress of Merr December 20, 2003
Raffy Raffy Raffy.
this is a type of person who always knows what to say and how to say it. never does anything to offend you and is loved very much. even if you have only met this person one twice you still know this person will be there forever ever ever.
also really enjoy fun flirting and jokes :D
'' awh man i know she is such a raffy''
by niallgalaxy February 21, 2010
Raffi, (short for Rafael)he's the sweetest most loyal kind hearted man in the world. Anybody would be lucky to share a connection with him. He's very talented usually in sports such as volley ball or soccer.His laugh and smile can warm the coldest hearts.He is to be treasured .
Who's that girl with ?

by Ctam1221 March 14, 2017
1. when someone has been satisfied with sexual pleasure and fantasy
2. when all your dreams come true
I got Raffied.
All my life I've waited for Raffy.
by Smitten122208 February 25, 2009
The hottest man on the island, who is sweet, smart, and sexy.
Where can I get a Raffi?
by 0824DMM April 14, 2010
A person who is sexy as fuck and is a fucking god.
Man he is a Raffy
by Rusty_bra June 1, 2017