Definition 1: A kind of girl that knows that they can date anyone but is not nesscarily a whore but can choose anyone to date sometimes guys or girls

Definition 2: A kind of girl that you date and you know what shes not good for you but you can't really leave her shes just that good

Definition 3: The opening song on the 1978 Gene Simmons Solo Album
Example 1
X: Hey you want to date Imelda

Pancho: hell ya I want to date her

X: Well just to let you know that chick is Radioactive man to start talking to her man!

Example 2

Matthew X: Hey man you gotta leave that chick man

X: I want to but shes Radioactive man, she knows how I feel and she knows that this is real man!

Matthew X: She wants it all the time?

X: Yeah how do you know

Matthew X: I was listening to KISS Gold and I heard it man lol
by El Equis November 11, 2009
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