The only word Snitzel from the animated show Chowder says.

Chowder: Hiya
by emmazorz August 10, 2008
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A noun, adjective, adverb, response, and verb that can be used instead of anything. Popularized by the cartoon, Chowder.
Mom: I need you to pick up the mail on the way home from school.
Kid: Radda Radda
by LongDong McHugenrod June 26, 2009
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A term used to express anger when accused of doing something that you didn’t do.
Someone: “Did you eat my sandwich
Me: “RADDA!”
by rxgn March 30, 2019
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This word is mostly widespread by some boys from 2016 batch of students from JNV Narla,India
It's mostly used as adjective to any word.
Radda specifically means anything, which can used at anytime, anywhere.
It's also a noun as a representative of friend or pal.
It can be used stand alone just to give something more weight or give the sentence a balance to it.
Hey,did you see my Radda bike?
You and me are Radda for life.
Tomorrow's Radda will going to be fun.
by kasmiceffect June 27, 2018
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The funniest and most unique girl in the world. If you know a Radda, you're really lucky. She has beautiful deep brown eyes and flowing brown hair. She will never fucking stop talking about her Bulgarian family, but it's funny because she starts randomly screaming and dancing in the middle of her sentences. Maybe that's a problem. But she's Radda lol problems don't count
Person number uno: Duuuuude did you see Radda today
Person number quatro: No
by yeeeeeetfück February 13, 2017
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