Someone who believes his/her race superior to another race (Usually, ALL other races) and who uses this belief to put others down.

Happens all over the world, between every race in the world. Usually results in violence, hate crimes, and physical or verbal confrontations.
1) Spanish Racists

Spanish Guy 1: Did you see that nigger?

Spanish Guy 2: Yeah, with his big lips and ghetto attitude. Just like a nigger.

2) (In school)
Black Girl: You can't sit here.
White Girl: I sit here every single day...
Black Girl: Too bad bitch I got here first.
White Girl: But there are six open seats.
Black Girl: And? I don't sit with white bitches.

3) And of course the classic;
White Guy: No colored's in my diner!
Black Guy: Yessir, I'm on my way now.
by WhiteAndNotARacist April 22, 2010
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Pretty much another name for white people nowadays.
White guy: I'm a white man from Germany, and I would like to help America's poor indiscriminately. :)

Random non-white guy: Ah, so you're a racist and a Nazi.
by Vestros August 15, 2014
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Anyone who disagrees with Obama.

Interestingly enough, the word has nothing at all to do with race relations.
by el nuko September 14, 2009
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Sister Souljah
Al Sharpton
Spike Lee
Ice Cube
David Duke
the KKK
New Black Panthers
Malcolm X
Aryan Brotherhood
Latin Kings

The whites were the racist ones before, now it is mostly other races. For example: in 1960, a black man could not go into a primarily white neighborhood without being harassed. Today, a white man could not go into a primarily minority neighborhood without being harassed.
Sister Souljah is stupid to say all white people are racist, and she is not a racist just because she never owned slaves. No one alive today in America owns slaves, does that make them immune as well?

Spike Lee says black people are unable to be racists. That's just ignorant.

I don't give a shit what racists do as long as they are not in positions of power (ie Hitler).
by Angelacia June 18, 2007
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A person whose actions are primarily informed by racism. A person who says that they can't be racist due to what race they are is a racist.
That racist asshole was giving me shit for being white.
by Deprogram October 12, 2005
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A term usually used by minorities to get out of any situation.
"Sir, I may have to give you a ticket for raping and brutally murdering that nun."
"You fuckin' cracka ass racist! It's just because I'm black ain't it? You say that fuckin' word like you know what you be talkin' bout! You is ignorant!"
by Janis February 01, 2005
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1) Anyone who claims that people of different skin colours can't get their asses out of bed in the morning. Typically someone who can't be bothered getting his or her own ass out of bed in the morning.

2) Term thrown back at anyone who DARES to criticise Jews or Moslems.
He's a racist. Every time he goes to the Social Welfare offices, which is often, he makes a point of sneering at all the Blacks and Pakistanis who are reduced to the same situation.

You DARE criticise the Taliban? You Racist!

You DARE criticise the State of Israel? You Anti-Semitic racist pig!
by Fearman August 28, 2007
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