An expression of being, often in connection with the theft of hamburger goodness.
I just stole these hamburgers without Ronald noticing! Rabble rabble!
by Boekelheide March 12, 2003
a meaningless phrase often repeated in aguments
the conversation as follows:
"You fucked my girlfriend"
"Did Not"
"RABBLE RABBLE!" and so on...
by OX October 15, 2003
The sound made up of multiple voices of an angry mob or crowd, usually holding pitchforks, flaming torches, or picket signs. Usually followed by public speaker figure getting up on a podium and bringing everyone to order.
Angry mob assembled in town square: "Rabble rabble rabble!"
by Cheri January 25, 2005
what crouds in south park yell at city hall when they are outraged or there is a conflict or problem.
Randy Marsh:"We have to stop all these child abductions!"
Mayor:"It's not going to help the situation if all you people do is stand there and yell RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!"
by MITCHELL July 10, 2005
Contrary to popular belief, a phrase NOT coined by South Park but instead by Mel Brooks in "Blazing Saddles" to express general disapproval.
*referee calls a foul*
coach "how can you make that call from that angle? rabble rabble rabble!"
by getitrightbastard March 26, 2010
the sound made when dennis speaks into ventrilo, it is often characterized by loud unintelligible sounds that often are followed by laughter
"RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!" said dennis while playing counterstrike, we couldn't understand him so we just agreed.
by Niko November 16, 2004