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the result of rubbing ones hands together at a medium pace causing intense friction and seperation of the epidermis until a black ball of skin is formed. Most hobbyist enjoy collecting such ball's and adding to them over long periods of time.
Jeff made a rabbit turd then chased his friends around his apartment with it.

Jeff's wife keeps throwing out his rabbit turd and jeff picks it out of the trash.
by JASON February 05, 2004
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when you take a poop, and lots of little turds come out and splash water on to your butthole
i went to poop and it was a rabbit turd. so i had to dry my butthole.
by hngsolo October 03, 2008
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When in the act of shitting you push soooo hard feeling a huge load comming out to your surprise you rapid fire minni balls of shit resembling little rabbit turds.
Scott "last night i felt a huge shit comming on and after working hard for 5 minutes i machine gun fired a shit ton of mini shits"

Matt "sounds like you had a case of the rabbit turds bro"
by piledriv3r August 16, 2011
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A wart or raised birthmark found on the face,usually brown or black in color.
Oh her, you mean that girl with the rabbit terd on her face?
by Suzanna Simeone June 22, 2005
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