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Raam (Rom) - A mentor or a guru. One with many talents. He is supposedly orgasmic. (In other words his appearance may cause many orgasms). He is superior to everyone. Possessing such abilities such as unimaginable strength and wisdom, he poses as a threat to anyone and everyone. Raam is better then Superman, the Power Rangers, the guy who plays Spiderman (because hes a queer anyways)
Param: Raam is so much better then me.

Raam is the ultimate hero.

To Sharan: Are queer for my eye?
by Punani Puma aka PP May 15, 2007
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Raam is a casual gamer, and can not complete a Japanese level because he's trash and on Fortnite he is a complete mobile noob usually overweight and his friends are too so yeah and he is a big fan of big Chungus and is not usually a good boy and if he makes fun of his brother he will usually pay the consequences and get banned from online both brothers are snitches so they have to act like the principal is in his house is usually bad at grammar and gets bad grades in language and in math is pretty decent and very awkward
Albin enters the chat
Albin: yo mama

Raam: no u
Albin: Reverse card
Raam leaves the chat
by Toshshshshhs January 10, 2019
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