In baseball, R.B.I. is an acronym for "runs batted in". This occurs when a person who is up to bat successfully hits the ball and causes a player who was on one of the bases to score a run. The batter receives however many R.B.I.'s that there were players who scored runs. The batter does not always need to land safe on a base to score an R.B.I., so long as he isn't the cause of the third and final out of the inning.
The batter hit a ball deep into the outfield while there were two people on base, one on second and one on third. Both scored so the batter got 2 R.B.I.'s, but the batter himself got thrown out at third, causing the second out of the inning.
by magus35 August 5, 2007
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Oops I suddenly got a "R.B.I." when I saw that hot chick bend over.
by FeistySpnshFml November 12, 2010
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When you go on a date with someone but fail to make it all the way to home base with them, say only second base, and then go home and reach home base by yourself.
guy 1- "How'd your date with Cindy go? Did she put out?"
guy 2- "No, we only got to second base but when I got home I got an R.B.I. by making it to home base by myself."
guy 1- "Aww dude, that's wrong!"
guy 2- "I know..."
by CRN November 7, 2008
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