A typed emoticon (face) expressing crying, often in a semi-serious or comical sense. The Q's are the eyes with tears streaming out and the W is a squiggly mouth. It's related to other crying faces that use Q's for eyes, such as Q.Q q.q or simply QQ. It is used both with capitals (QwQ or QWQ) and without (qwq) to mean the same thing.
Sol: "Let's see what food we have in the kitchen."
Neptune: "omg QwQ all my pasta is gone..."


Sidarth: "Did you win 3 rounds yet?"
Xerxus: "No... I lost them all qwq"
by SolRemedy April 12, 2015
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objectively better than TwT. both text emoticons portray sadness/crying but qwq is more well known than TwT & more accurately depicts the eyes in similar emoticons such as owo or uwu. an alternate spelling for qwq is QwQ, either one works just fine but sometimes QwQ is used to convey great sadness simalar to how OwO is a greater emotion then owo.
person: I just lost all of my cheese qwq.

person 1: you are an idiot
person 2: why are you so rude qwq
by anonomazs September 12, 2021
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"What does qwq mean?" qwq was developed in quantum physics labs deep underground in Germany. In English, 'qwq' means simply.. 'qwq'. No hidden meanings. But in Korean, 'qwq' has been clinically proven to mean "NOT EVEN DEATH CAN SAVE YOU FROM ME." This discovery was found after the invention of 'qwq', so we try not to focus on this. Laughing out loud? No you're not. You're just typing it. Anyone who commonly says 'lol' is a liar! You are not laughing out loud. You are just to lazy to type anything else. We're here to fix that.

Dude my dog actually ate my homework

No way qwq
by Samare June 14, 2007
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Izzy: what's your class after this?
Lizzy: math
Lizzy: qwq
by LizzydaLemon November 26, 2020
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It is a typo of wew (or wow) which has now become an accepted form to convey the same. Just like kek is now an accepted form of saying lel (or lol).
Rajesh: My dong is very long!
Suresh: qwq, show me!
by angelsingh February 5, 2018
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A word of disgust that should never be used under an circumstances. I’m not hating just my opinion it’s for your own good
qwq I’m so sorry your dog died but I’m not interested stfu I’m so quirky and cute
by Dora destroyer 773 August 4, 2020
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A crying face that people use in text. More often than not they are Weebs, or Otaku's.
Nuh! D-daddy QwQ don't leave!
by Queeflatifa May 23, 2019
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