a crying text emoji face, usually used on places like tumblr
by Lunisa-The-Cat March 20, 2018
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TWT” is used to express sarcasm or “being cutely” annoyed.
It is mainly used in games.
Ugh I lost.. Good game I guess TwT..”
by HamAJPW January 1, 2021
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a emoticon showing that your are a gothic web or loli
by StanGot7andAstro August 5, 2019
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An emoticon used by annoying pick-mes, usually aged from 7-12.
Pick-me: That's so dumb TwT
Literally anyone: That's so cringe
by Juicy Personality April 17, 2022
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An emoticon showing that you are a gothic loli or weeb
by StanGot7andAstro August 5, 2019
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twt means Twitter Stans. twt can be added to pretty much anything. such as: k-poptwt (K-Pop Twitter Stans), mcyttwt (Dream Twitter Stans, Mostly), and marveltwt (Marvel Twitter Stans, which unfortunately exist.) They have selfie days like literally every day. Just go to the trending page.
Stan: Are you gonna do a selfie for #eldertwtselfieday?
Someone Else: i'm not a stan
by astronomy14 April 15, 2021
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A commonly used term, short for “Twitter“.
It is often added behind a Word to create a “Subtwt“, those can be big general parts of Twitter (e.g. K-poptwt, Mcyttwt) or smaller groups of people (e.g. Softwaretwt, Gappletwt).

A crying Kaomoji, indicating sadness, frustration and/or pain, TwT
(variations are: T^T, TvT, ToT, T-T, and lowercase versions)
(in text)
Person A: Hey, out of all the CCs you like, which Subtwt is your favorite? I still cant decide TwT
Person B: I’ve been suuuper into Fanart lately, so probably Bootwt? They are just all so talented!
by yamiplays September 27, 2021
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