When you consume more alcohol then your liver can possess and someone asks you to drink the next night it's that feeling you get in your gut
Our friend won't drink with us the next night because his quiver liver got scared to do it again
by Jmanandsbobttv July 19, 2021
An event so disgusting, that you can physically feel your liver producing bile, in anticipation of needing to vomit.
ie making my living quiver. This person hitting on me is so disgusting, it's making my liver quiver.
by valarithil January 7, 2021
A starfish... That is quivering.
Nick - "What's up with that starfish? It's moving around strangely."

Justin - "That's a quivering starfish! Quick! Make a wish!"
by brosephbryan October 28, 2015
The term used to describe the state you find yourself in the morning after a night of very heavy drinking
Oh man I shouldn't have moved onto double cocktails after the bar ran out of beer last night, I woke up this morning and I was quivering like a shitting dog!
by Big Jack's Bollocks July 7, 2017
When a woman's vagina looks like an open face roast beef sandwich having a seizure while she is twerking.
Did you see Shafawnduh out on the dance floor twerking? All I could focus on was her quivering beef curtains!! Gross.
by Supafly&JiggaBoo April 24, 2017