Bryn: Hey Eoghan pass us the pack of quigg, I really could munch down a quigg butty.

Eoghan: Get it yourself Bryn, Im working on my new album 'A pan full of Eoghan'
by Liam1ajkhausdhvajfvhsdkfjh January 04, 2011
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A slimey, grey, psychedelically-floral-patterned slug.
'Elizabeth unknowingly spilled some table salt upon the quigg, which rapidly began to deteriorate.'
by Al the Great September 22, 2006
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a verb meaning to deceive a woman by telling her you want to spend time together as friends, when in reality you intend to cheat on your girlfriend with her
Boy: Wanna go bowling with me while my girlfriend's out of town?
Girl: How dumb do you think I am? I can tell you're trying to j-quigg me!
by Fishy Valleyranch January 07, 2013
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the young boy from derry who came 3rd in xfactor 2008.
whos that fine irish fella?

its eoghan quigg!
by sgwww January 31, 2009
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