(As used in US military) Annoying or senseless bureaucratic requirement
Did you get the latest E-mail on re-doing the fire extinguisher training? It's just more queep.
by Falcon31 August 17, 2006
a mispelled word that some stupid fool mispelled. You fags it's "queef" not "queep" fuckin' dumbasses
That fag fuckin spelled queef as queep
by jsmooth13 January 13, 2006
a release of gas from the female genitalia, similar to a fart, but coming out of the vagina. A vaginal fart.
Dude, did she just fart?
No man, I think that was a queep.
by ron jeremy January 19, 2005
Creep, as pronounced by a five year old. Commonly used in leiu of asshat you asshat.
Everyone else who defined this word is a fuggin queep.
by steve January 17, 2004
yo son, last night i shot a queep on dat bitch
by grego welch February 9, 2009
A alien creature created by souladriens. A Queep is made of goo. Queeps are very cute creatures but can be very strong.
"This creature just came out of the ground! I think its a Queep"
by QueepQueen January 6, 2021
A Queef out the penis, when done inside the vagina in feels to her like you cumming, and therefore it's typically done to fake an orgasm
Chick with loose Vagina: What's taking so long?

*Dude queeps*

Chick with loose Vagina:OH YES BABY LET IT ALL IN ME!!!!
by Godisgayyy December 11, 2008