A woman who often is an unspoken "leader" in a social circle that is composed of mostly girls (i.e. her "hive")

Usually this woman is the tallest or largest (sometimes as much as a full head taller than the others) in the group.

The Queen Bee also tends to protect those in her "hive".
At a party: "I want go up to that girl, but her Queen Bee is kinda giving me the evil eye."
by Mr. Bone Daddy November 21, 2004
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They are the best people you will ever come across. fit, pretty and of amazing
Tara, Ellen, and Ana are great examples of queens bees

'wow look at her, she is a queen bee.'
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A bee which is comprised of a single word: Queenbee. Can be used to describe a bee. May also be used as an example for Bananagrams.
Hey Meredith, "queenbee" is indeed one word. You are so smart and win Banangrams better than me. Thanks for you.
by The diction ary. January 12, 2013
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A person that wears a really long black coat which trails on the floor when a standard heighted person wears it. it blows out in the wind and sways softly behine the Queen.
Jade Birkett the QueenBee the tallest girl of us all:)
by Rochelle Davidson October 08, 2006
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