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1. Roots in Arabic meaning "The most handsom person on planet earth"

2. Hebrew meaning: "Saviour of the world"

3. Urdu meaning: " my hero . my love"
1. Kristen: Darling stop, stop , don't be that romantic,you know you're such a "Qasim".

2. Stacy:He saved my life, he has a "Qasim" in him .
by charmingb0y July 20, 2010
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A boy/man who you can easily trust and get along with. He puts his family and friends before him and he knows how to have a good time. His grin is very wide and when he laughs he Can't help himself from sniggering. His eyes are mind blowing and you're lucky if you have an Qasim as a boyfriend. The one he loves he will love for a long time.
Girl1: dam he is so sexy what's he called

Girl2: Qasim, but bitch back off he's mine
by uknow;) May 28, 2018
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Qasim is a handsome and funny he will have a personality that you would love. Qasim will be very funny but inappropriate and will be very kind and will follow his heart and dreams. You would love to meet a guy like this you're life will be amazing and when you are sad he could sense that you are sad BUT he will sometimes be annoying and laugh at you sometimes when you are hurt. you would love to meet a Qasim!!!
That dude is silly, he must be a Qasim
by CDungey December 31, 2018
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Qssim is an Arabic name. The translation of the name in Arabic is the divider. Qasim is named after the song of Imam Hasan the nephew of prophet Mohammed in Islam. Most people are named Qasim are awesome, amazing, best in what they do, but yet hypocrite.
- WTFBBQ who's that guy over there?

by qbakkali July 24, 2011
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1. Roots in Arabic meaning "crybaby"

2. Hebrew meaning: "limp dick"

3. Urdu meaning: " victorious"
1. John: Hey dude stop bitching, you're such a "Qasim".

2. Stacy: I had to cheat on mike, he has a "Qasim"
by alternaax February 06, 2010
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