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1. Roots in Arabic meaning "The most handsom person on planet earth"

2. Hebrew meaning: "Saviour of the world"

3. Urdu meaning: " my hero . my love"
1. Kristen: Darling stop, stop , don't be that romantic,you know you're such a "Qasim".

2. Stacy:He saved my life, he has a "Qasim" in him .
by charmingb0y July 20, 2010
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Qssim is an Arabic name. The translation of the name in Arabic is the divider. Qasim is named after the song of Imam Hasan the nephew of prophet Mohammed in Islam. Most people are named Qasim are awesome, amazing, best in what they do, but yet hypocrite.
- WTFBBQ who's that guy over there?

by qbakkali July 24, 2011
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1. Roots in Arabic meaning "crybaby"

2. Hebrew meaning: "limp dick"

3. Urdu meaning: " victorious"
1. John: Hey dude stop bitching, you're such a "Qasim".

2. Stacy: I had to cheat on mike, he has a "Qasim"
by alternaax February 06, 2010
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