The best thing to happen to Computer Science students in a data and file structures or algorithms class.
Joe: "Man...I spent a week coding that algorithm in C."
Moe: "I got it done in one evening with Python. It works great."
Joe: "Say, what? Where can I download that?"
by TheNextBillGates March 24, 2010
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Python is a powerful high-level interpreted language. Python's design is notably clean, elegant, and well thought through; it tends to attract the sort of programmers who find Perl grubby and exiguous.
print "Hello World"
by steak July 24, 2003
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A great little language invented by Guido "the man" van Rossum. John Carmack "swears by it", he wrote the Quake 2 engine in it!
print "nohtyp"::-1
by dan murray March 29, 2005
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A powerful, slow computer programming language that strangles other programming languages by virtue of it's ease of use and shallow learning curve. Computers understand it about as well as most people understand assembly language and only manage to execute it about 10x slower than assembly language or 4x slower than Java.
It's 2069 and Microsoft is proud to announce the launch of Windows 20, the first and only groundbreaking operating system written entirely in Python. Minimum system requirements: 1TB of ram and 20GHZ CPU, 2TB and 30GHZ recommended.
by virgin916 July 23, 2019
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Python, see Monty Python
note: Python is usually used to refer the Flying Circus, rather than the movies, such as 'The Holy Grail', or 'Life of Brian'
Python Pictures presents.... something completely different! (Cue theme)
by Chris L. December 27, 2003
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The person above me is a complete idiot, a python does not break its prey's bones, it constricts the prey item, and as the prey breathes in, the python squeezes tighter. The only deadly python in the world is the world's largest snake, the reticulatedpython. The anaconda is NOT the largest snake, butthe heaviest, weighing in at 300-500 pounds. So, in fact, the person who posted above me is a complete idiot who knows NOTHING about reptiles.

Also referring to one of the greatest comedic geniuses in the world, Monty Python.
"Look at that tiger morph ball python, it's awesome."

"The flying circus."
by Alec July 1, 2004
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