Pwnages, to assail an opponent with multiple pwnage attacks.
derived from the Italian word posseduto, meaning owned.
paramore is a good band because it has a hot singer,good vocals and awesome guitar,it pwnages. ect.
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Used usualy in online games (or to take the piss on pictures) Pwnage is when someone is attacked with no hope of winning. Usualy someone with a lot of skill attackes a newbie or someone less skilled. Another spin off of pwned but usualy used for situation when overkill is involved. IE and air strike on one person.
In terms of eve online. One person is jumped on by a fleet and is pwned with no hope of surviving. IE pwnage
by Matt_t August 22, 2006
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Original a mistake by someone when typing 'owning' the word has became world renowned throughout the Counter-Strike community and one might say, is slowly overtaking the use of 'ownage'.

Pwnage: Ownage, same thing.
CS is pwnage.
Utter pwnage that game.
by Sloo January 24, 2004
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1. The act of being pwned.
2. An expression similar to cool or awesome.
(About a new game)
Dude! Pwnage!

(When someone is being beaten)
Ooh, major pwnage...
by Freya the Dark November 15, 2006
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Pwnage is ownage with a p.
Dude 1: i am so phul of pwnage!!!11
by DoomBringer316 February 10, 2004
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an exclamation used to declare total and utter domination, this word comes from the recently developed cyber-language, "733t SP33K" or "Leet Speak", which itslef is a shortening of "elete speak" Used widely in online gaming.
pwnage stems from the word "pwn" which is a common miss-typing of the word "own". When used verbally it is pronounced with the P i.e. "pownage"
Dude, that last round of halo was pwnage!

PWNAGE, Bitches!
by Tyler Allen December 13, 2007
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