Pronunciation: 'pOn

The word that resulted from a typo of OWN. Notice the P is next to the O. Pronounced "p-own." It is not pronounced pween, poon, or pawn. Those are all created by noobs who couldn't figure out what the word was and made up their own pronunciation for it.

Origin is similar to that of teh.
dude u just got pwned.

wtf? you mean, owned? nice typo faggot.

uhh...no noob its new word. even worse than owned.
by IEATLIVEPUPPIES April 22, 2005
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Originally, an old-school hacker term meaning "to gain control over someone else's computer/network by hacking thier root account and assigning yourself 'admin' permissions", which has more recently been mis-appropriated by script kiddies and gamers to indicate that they are better at a game than someone else, or some stupid shit like that.
None. Real hackers don't actually use the word themselves, it is always used by someone else *about* them.
by daDebil February 26, 2004
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To totally own someone.

A mispelling of "own", since p is next to o on the keyboard.
Man, you really pwned my pants off!

Wow! This is Total Pwnage

I pwned yo mama last night yo.
by Hrugnir teh pwnage mastah March 20, 2003
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Quite obviously a typo for own. If you have a qwerty keyboard then you will notice that the p and the o are next to each other. Our ancestor (1 generation ago) used the word own quite commonly but over time people got the impression that the typo pwn was actually a word. If you think about it the words own and pwn can be used in the same contex.
God damn i own
God damn i pwn
by Shale September 09, 2005
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Means the same thing as own, and is the basic founding of 1337-sp33k. Was first used in a game of StarCraft for PC (by Blizzard) on accident.
by Sonic12040 October 26, 2003
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A word only virgins who live with their mothers say. Commonly used as "fightin words" between total losers. If you ever say it seriously... kill yourself because you have no reason to live.
I'm a virgin and I pwned some noobs today in my mom's basement.

I pwn noobs because I have never been with a woman.
by Signed, Everyone March 14, 2006
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