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In Harry Potter Fanfiction PWF stands for post war fiction.

In other words this is a story posted by Harry Potter fans in which the main plot of the story occurs after the war between Harry Potter and Voldemort during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.
Person 1: Why isn't Voldemort in this fanfic?
Person 2: Because it's a PWF, he's dead!
by Misitic99 January 23, 2012
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Post Wank Fatigue. The severe case of tiredness that a male has after a period of masturbation.
"Dude, I was gonna watch Lost but I had major PWF ( so I went straight to bed"

"PWF is so useful when you can't get to sleep"

"Laura has the worst timing. She called me for a booty call, but I had PWF (Post Wank Fatigue), so I told her to use the rampant rabbit"
by Josh the Shweff March 06, 2010
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PWF is fanfiction slang for Plane Wreck Fic which usually includes a chapter where the plane actually crashes, and then the people on the plane are trapped on some island or another. It's basically a mixture of action/suspense and anything else that can happen to people who are stranded.
"Did you read that PWF I sent you last week from LJ?"
by XxMidnight.Rock.StarxX February 07, 2009
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Pipe Wrench fight. To fight with pipe wrenches. Started from the online video Take me On, Literal Version.
I saw this PWF where one guy beat the hell out the other guy with a wrench
by Misticwarrior December 03, 2009
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