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For use when you need a poo and a wee at the same time. also used whn you are sitting on the toilet and your poo and wee slips out at the same time.
Also a 'suprise pwee' is when you are standing having a wee but you poo yourself.
"I'm bursting for a pwee"
"I've just pweed myself"
"I thought i needed a wee but a pwee came out"
by BFG & Jimbo November 03, 2005
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Pwee comes from the word "Own", as used by gamers. Then they turned the word own into pown, a word that is a step up form own. To top everything the word pwee came about. This can also be used in the past tense, pweed. It was frowned upon for a while because it was misread as 'pee-wee', but after excess use it became a word that is used almost as much as pown. So if someone said they pweed you, then that means they beat you so bad they had to resort to the ultimate gamers version of owned, Pweed!!
"You just got pweed!"
"Want me to pwee you again?"
"I pwee at COD!"
by Pwee Master September 25, 2011
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