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1. A person who puts his/her belongings into someone's pocket, purse, or any other place on their body. These people want to be generous or kind, but do not want to show it.

2. A person who puts something illegal into your unsuspecting pocket.

Antonym: pickpocket
1. (Cop finds marijuana in your pocket)
"I swear its not mine! My friend Frank smokes pot, and he's a good putpocket!"

2. A: Woah. I just found a candy cane in my pocket!
B: Cathy gave it to you secretly, she's a putpocket.
by Ton/Ton December 16, 2008
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Someone who secretly places an item into someone else's pocket. This is the reverse of a pick-pocket and may be done to anonymously give a friend money or a small gift when they are feeling down. In addition to the pockets of clothes that you are wearing, a put-pocket may also target unattended coats, jackets, and purses at parties or other social gatherings.
I was feeling down until I discovered that a put-pocket had slipped a $20 into my pocket.
by Engineer Paul March 05, 2013
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A noun or a verb. A person who, instead of taking a wallet from someone's pocket, puts money inside of it. Also, the act of putting money in someones pocket. Otherwise known as reverse-pickpocketing.
I refused to let Joe pay for lunch, so later he putpocketed me.

I was on the bus today and I saw some putpocket sticking money in an old ladies purse.
by Snafubar March 05, 2010
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