puters a are computers or PC's
Are u good with Puters
by Mostafa Nada September 24, 2005
De "putero". Unidad de magnitud del sistema mexicano de medidas, designada para describir cantidades incontables por efecto de la hueva. Equivale a un chingo de puteros de chingaderas.
No mames, tengo un puteral de cosas qué hacer.
by Vergolazo April 28, 2015
My Puter is being slow.
by Mel February 24, 2003
A term old people use for "computer" or PC when they want to sound hip.
Old person: I was dinking around on the 'puter last night and found the funniest webpage! Do you get the L. O. L. cats?
GeekSquad employee: Ma'am, there's a line forming behind you...
by Classic Bat March 10, 2010
puter is a short for of the word computer.
My puter is broken! I have to get it fixed!
by petiteash January 19, 2006
This is when you have spent longer than an hour on your computer in it's virtual-reality (usually between 1-8 hours) and when you come into reality-reality things are pretty out of sync. Reality feels weird.

People's words seem to fly right past you. Information from the outside world takes a while to filter in. And you are quite numb in general to the outside world. Objects may blur a bit and move.

There can also sometimes be an actual buzz heard in your brain or ears. In general, you have been puterized.

Sypmtoms of being puterized:

- A blank expression
- A lag in replies or responses to things or people
- Wide eyes
- Not processing information correctly
- General discord towards the world
Friend: "I'm feeling really sad about my that chick arguing with me, how could she! She called me a useless tool."

Your head: "Oh, that's not nice. Buzz. Shame. Buzz. I should be saying something in this moment. Buzzzzzz. ???. Buzz."

Jenna wasn't with me today when I met her for coffee. She looked like she wasn't all that there in her head. She was so like, puterized

Do you know where Nicole is? Ya, she's about to come out of her bedroom where she has been for five hours. I bet you she's puterized
by Caminojen April 28, 2011