To cowboy-up, to man-up. To stop being a pussy and start acting like a man....with a dick
Bob: She's hot, but I'm afraid to talk to her.
Jaqrell: Put your dick on and talk to her.
by cjwray910 August 17, 2009
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1. Term used to tell someone to stop being horny.
Guy 1 "Yo i wanna nail that chick."
Guy 2 "Bro put your dick away."
by Shlong Shlave October 11, 2020
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Similar to putting your foot down, "Putting your your dick on the table" is a phrase used when someone just exerts their dominance over everyone else in the room, and wants their way, no longer taking any "bullshit" from anyone else.
We were all wondering which movie to go to, until Robbie Put his dick on the table and bought us all tickets to see 22 jumpstreet.

"Man all these people keep cutting me in line"
"Dude you should just put your dick on the table and punch the dude who tries.
by The ultimate name caller September 2, 2014
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A phrase used to convey "going all out" or "laying it all on the line"; leaving nothing behind, trying one's hardest
Shit dude, with 2 weeks left in the fantasy league you're going to have to Put Your Dick on the Table
by shit_tits4 November 13, 2010
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dont go putting your dick in no crazy bich
i was banging this chick and she tried to rip the condom off and say i want kids

Friend: dont put your dick in the crazy
by my cocks on fire March 3, 2023
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common insult used over xbox live by players of Modern Warfare 2. this insult is used as a way of telling the insultee to shut up while also proposing that he/she is a homosexual.
Loser: "Yeah! Did you see me quick scope you?!"
I Thuggy I: "Put your own dick in your butt!"
Loser: ?
I Thuggy I: "Did I stutter fool?"
by Hykon June 19, 2010
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Used when someone cooks a meal that taste delicious. Used in the same fashion as “put your foot in it”.
“Damn this ziti slaps! You put your dick in it

Sturdy McGreengo
by Sturdy McGreengo November 17, 2021
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