Music term: Means that a beat sounds similar to the style of Ronny J and Smokepurpp's signature production. Bombastic distorted and elongated 808s and the dark/trippy/eerie sounding melodies in Trap instrumentals. Examples of songs that sound "purpp" are "Fingers Blue", "Geek A Lot", and "Audi" by Smokepurpp.
"Aye, this shit sound Purpp as fuck!"
by Purrpologist March 15, 2019
Is a name that one raper use whend they know they are bad
Hey an did you where that Smokepurpp Track?
Nha Man he is fucking trash
by Luibraine December 14, 2018
Purpp Is A Fuckin Rat, It is what it indubitably is, No if's, not buts, Just pure Rat
by Fuck you Purpp May 26, 2020
A nickname for 19 year old rapper "Smokepurpp" (Omar Pineiro). In one of his most popular songs you can hear Smokepurpp saying his own nickname at the introduction, part of his handle is possibly a reference to his friend "Lil Pump" (Gazzy Garcia).
Me: Aye it would be lit smokin' up boof with Smokepurrp
Lil Pump: So you is fuckin' with Lil Purpp recently?
by KMTS August 15, 2017
Purpp Day, is a cultural and religious celebration held on May 15, the birth date of Smokepurpp, on that day every screams esketit as a celebration chant.
What we doing on Purpp Day?
by based4eva June 14, 2019