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1: A hypothetical race used when the issue of racism is discussed. Proponents of this usage figure there are no people with purple skin, and figure it is safe to use.

2: People who love the color purple and purple things, often in an extreme fashion.

3: People born with Purple skin, usually of an alien race.
1: "I don't care if our president is Black, White, Purple, or even Green."

"I tend not to be racist, but I must draw the line at Purple people."

2: Jennifer is such a purple person! She eats purple food, has purple hair, wears purple clothes, and likes purple unicorns. Rumor has it that even her feces is purple.

3: I had some purple people move in beside me. They were good people. They always parked their spaceship properly, kept their tentacles braided neatly, kept their alien plants watered, and mostly kept to themselves.
by Purple Gurl March 30, 2011
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A gruop of people with purple shirts that travel in groups of 4 or more in their 1993 Honda Sedans and mini vans. They care about the earth and the community but the are very anoying when they force you to donate money to there cause. They usually hang out at Chucky Cheeses and Kroger. They are to be deemedupon with discust.
Damn Purple People took my parking spot.

No, Purple People I dont have any money to donate to you.

Purple Poelpe discost me.
by fishoilm16 June 12, 2012
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