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1. To lie about something hesitantly to cover up something.
2. To front about something that never happened or pretend that something did happen that never did.
Man quit purpin you still a virgin.

don't be purpin bout things again.
by lil_kulit February 09, 2005
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(Adj.) Full out swag. Styling with particular attitude & appearance. Characterized by an aura-like which stands out about yourself/itself from others.

Not having to try "so hard" by bragging, exaggerating, overstate, or self-praising.
Damn, they "purpin!"

These kicks are "purpin"

That kinda music sounds pretty "purpin"
by PURPNAPSWAG March 02, 2011
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When you slap ya mans' cheeks with the kimchi and arugala.
You: Oi

Ya mans: Bruv purp me plz

You: *begins purpin' ya mans' cheeks*

Ya mans: *moans unbelievably loud*

You: mhm
via giphy
by *eats in Korean* May 22, 2018
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