A holiday celebrated by Jew's. It is basically Halloween and st. patty's day mixed together.

The kids get dressed up in costumes and go around the neighborhood giving and getting candy from friends and family, while the adults get completely wasted.

but its really all about getting wasted
the first time i got wasted was on purim when i was 13
by eodjew July 14, 2011
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A Jewish Holiday celebrating the Jewish
People being saved by Mordechai and Esther from
Haman. Costumes include fasting (not eating)
the day before, giving two pieces of food to
at least 2 people, dressing up in costumes,
Reading the Megillah (scroll of the story of purim),
Drinking some Alcohol.
When is Purim?
What did you dress up as on Purim?

by Raphael2222 March 24, 2008
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A massive Jewish full send which takes place some time every March. Purim in cities with high Jewish populations generally looks like large groups of sauced Jewish teenagers going around the city in limos dressed in onesies. Later in the day, many sends and parties take place. Contrary to popular belief, the most hype ones are usually the religious ones, particularly those at yeshivas, but even so, it is hard to find any purim party which isn't an absolute banger.
Avi: Yo I can't believe purim is next week.
by ehrliche bochur March 25, 2020
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The most fun Jewish holiday EVER. Proves Jews really do know how to party.
Purim is when everyone dresses up in awesome costumes, gives gifts of candy and drinks. A lot.
by SarahRachel January 13, 2012
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