When a government in a smaller less powerful country (usually a dictatorship)gets installed by a bigger, more powerful country (usually USA) in replacement of the government the smaller country had previously (usually a democratically elected leader who is assassinated)
There are many puppet governments in the world run by an evil, vicious dictator who was installed by groups such as the CIA because of his support for US interest. A puppet government has been installed in many countries by the CIA
here is a small list which includes but not limits to:
Iran 1953 (democratically elected Mossadeq overthrown and replaced with the Shah)
Chile 1973 ('' '' Salvador Allende overthrown and replaced by vicious Augusto Pinochet)
Cuba (Castro overthrew pro US Batista who was a dictator)
Guatemala 1954
Turkey 1960 and 1980
Nicaragua 1980 - 1989

and it goes on...this is not a conspiracy theory, it is the truth and in the public domain
by donthate123 November 21, 2013
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it's pretty self explanatory, but if it's still fuzzy, I have examples.

it's what we have in the states. and what iraq will have next week.

pesudo soveirnty (yeah, that word i can never spell)

don't you think it's odd that shrubya is smart enough to run a country but dumb enough to choke on a pretzel?

most people already know who is really running our country
by rise up rise against June 21, 2004
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Bush: The new Iraqi government is 100% legit. In no way does my corrupt administration control it behind the scenes. No sir! And Saddam's trial isn't a front designed to give the impression of Iraqi sovereignty! Not at all!

by Ninja Disaster July 02, 2004
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