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When a government in a smaller less powerful country (usually a dictatorship)gets installed by a bigger, more powerful country (usually USA) in replacement of the government the smaller country had previously (usually a democratically elected leader who is assassinated)
There are many puppet governments in the world run by an evil, vicious dictator who was installed by groups such as the CIA because of his support for US interest. A puppet government has been installed in many countries by the CIA
here is a small list which includes but not limits to:
Iran 1953 (democratically elected Mossadeq overthrown and replaced with the Shah)
Chile 1973 ('' '' Salvador Allende overthrown and replaced by vicious Augusto Pinochet)
Cuba (Castro overthrew pro US Batista who was a dictator)
Guatemala 1954
Turkey 1960 and 1980
Nicaragua 1980 - 1989

and it goes on...this is not a conspiracy theory, it is the truth and in the public domain
by donthate123 November 21, 2013
When connections between two objects, an individual or an object, or even two individuals are paired. And regardless of the lack of romance, it presents a better love story than the story from Twilight. Objects could be toothpaste and toothbrush, car and person, toilet paper and shit, dustpan and brush...and many more
Ex 1
-Look at John and how he obsessed he is with his car..
-So, it is still a better love story than twilight
Ex 2
-You paid a prostitute to have sex with you?
-still a better love story than twilight
by donthate123 March 12, 2014
a very delicious chocolate hazelnut spread, It is sex and an amazing orgasm put into a jar
John: Man,I love nutella so much...
Bill:who doesnt, it is the second best thing after sex
by donthate123 January 13, 2013
The lead singer of Queen

Born in Zanzibar in 1946, Raised in India and moved to United Kingdom as a teenager.

He is the greatest singer of all time who wrote classics like Bohemian Rhapsody, One Vision, Don't stop me now and many more. Died in 1991.
Freddie Mercury wrote some of the greatest songs. He had an amazing voice and no one could ever replace it
We will all miss him RIP ,
by donthate123 December 26, 2012
Australian born, founder of Wikileaks
accused of cyber-terrorism and treason against US (he is Australian)
the man did nothing wrong unless one thinks exposing the unethical acts politicians and businessmen have engaged in behind closed doors
now before you hate on Julian Assange
consider this quote

"Liberty cannot be persevered without the general knowledge among the people, who have.. a right, an indisputable, inalienable... right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, that is the character and conduct of their rulers"

-John Adams
by donthate123 March 14, 2011