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A commited person to there beliefs. They do believe in freedom of expression. True punks are non-conformist. So this means they do what they want because they themselves want to infact do that, not because there friends convince them into changing. They want to make an impact on authority to change it for the better. They believe in rebellion, but for a cause thats worth it. They dont just become this way because of the music, the music is just mearly a small influence. They start up in this lifestyle because it fits there personallity. Also the way they dress just makes them feel like individuals, like someone different who wants to stay away from the flow and live on their own. And if partying is part of it,hey its worth it. They want to change peoples ways of thinking, to sort of open up there eyes to something new. Sure they might wear checkers and have mohawks, and liberty spikes,peircings or different colored hair, but why should that matter to others its just materialism.. so if they want to do that let them, its called freedom of choice..But over all they are pretty cool people, and usually are really smart, tough on the outside, but are mostly really nice,
Punk kid-"Stop the war"
Anonymous person- "those punks are always startin trouble"
Punk kid-"At least were trying to make a difference"
Anonymous person-"Those kids otta be locked away"
Punk kid- "At least we'll be locked away for a good reason"
Anonymous person-Whatever
by RAYPMJG December 23, 2006
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Dont compare these guys to emos coz that not fucken justice. Punk is an idealology, not a scene. Punk idealology consists of a system where no one hold power over anybody else and promotes individualism, thus making punk idealology 100% free of communism yet abandoning corruption of capitalism. Punk-Rock is hard,fast, agressive yet other genres of punk rock like ska can vary in speed style etc. Usually three or four chord power riffs. Punk Kids usually listen to bands like Rancid, Bad Religion, NOFX, Dropkick Murphys, Sex Pistols, Ramones, The Clash, Green Day, Social Distortion Pennywise etc. Skateboarding is popular with in the punk realm. Punk Rock was created raw from the streets of London and America. In rebellion of the fucked up state the world was in in the 1970's. Punk Rock caused a wave of shock as punk bands were really the first to use music to straight out say fuck you to the sugar coated dictators we call politicians.
Punk Kid "fuck the government, fuck politicians, fuck the mainstream, fuck war, fuck emo kids, fuck parents, fuck authority, fuck school, fuck teachers, fuck the world"
by your name here dude! August 25, 2006
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Kids who have, no doubt, good taste in music, but always seem to be fucking broke, and apparently none of them know how to spell or know of the mere concept of proper grammar.
DUDER: Dude, you goin' to NOFX?

Punk kid: Hel yes!

DUDER:Do you have your ticket yet?

Punk kid: No I dont half eny muney.

DUDER: Oh, sorry buddy.

Punk Kid: your not gona lend me any?

DUDER: Psh, No
by Seance December 29, 2008
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a punk kid is a kid that wears cloths whith spikes on them an most of them have mohacks and wears black.
hay look it is a punk kid lets go call him a freick then they get crap bet out of them.
by chance lovelady June 22, 2006
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