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Stretched ears are when a person has stretched their ear lobes to the size that they desire. Stretched ears can go up to 3" and even beyond that sometimes. They are NOT called "gauging/gauges" despite what anyone says, it's called stretching. A gauge is just the measurement. "Stretching" is to "gauging" as "timing" is to "minuting/houring". If you go into forums for the community of modded people online and say "gauges" they will call you a n00b and probably troll you for not knowing shit.

If you don't stretch your lobes properly it will result in a blowout AKA Cat ass, where your ear literally resembles a floppy anus. It's not attractive. Be patient and do it right.
N00b: "guise, I need advice on my gauges.. I just went up 3 sizes in 2 days and my ears are really red and bleeding and sore!

Non-N00b: First of all, it's not gauging, it's stretching/stretched ears. Second of all, take them out of your ears you've obviously had a blowout, and once they heal your ears will resemble an asshole. You never go up 3 sizes in two days you fucking n00b. Don't even try stretching again."
by SomethingDarksided December 20, 2013
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