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One of the biggest causes of Ozone depletion.
Man#1: Dude, you're on fucking fire!!!

Man#2: No shit. All because some fucking scene kids with a bunch of fucking Xs in their names had to be able to let a family of bald eagles nest on their fucking heads!

Scene bitch: HAHA, I'm H@wT! LOLZ
by seance December 29, 2008

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Kids who have, no doubt, good taste in music, but always seem to be fucking broke, and apparently none of them know how to spell or know of the mere concept of proper grammar.
DUDER: Dude, you goin' to NOFX?

Punk kid: Hel yes!

DUDER:Do you have your ticket yet?

Punk kid: No I dont half eny muney.

DUDER: Oh, sorry buddy.

Punk Kid: your not gona lend me any?

DUDER: Psh, No
by Seance December 29, 2008

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