An excellent and now rare pot (or pakalolo) from the big island of Hawaii
O' brudda dat Puna bud makes me ripped bra!
by Sandy's Rippa July 1, 2003
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wordGhetto/word, esp. in Hawaii.
Ho! How's them puna cars!
by Sterling April 29, 2003
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The real word is puta which is "bitch" in Spanish
by Manny April 14, 2005
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puna ben aqa y supa me pinga
by the cuban May 30, 2004
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A district in the southeastern corner on the island of Hawai'i. Known for its active volcano, cheap land, hippies, free spirits, pakalolo farmers, and "wild west" like tendencies.

Puna in Hawai'i also means dilapidated.

A Punatic is a lowlife hippy/local stoner usually living off EBT, and in a commune lifestyle in lower Puna.
The fullmoon party is at Kehena in lower Puna.

Dan's $500 van is so puna!

After stopping in Pahoa for some Steinlager, 3 Punatics asked me for a ride to Cinderland.
by ua akua January 9, 2011
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Is a hammah from da 808 state, knows how to bomb big and drop fat barrels, known as a friendly and outgoing person and it’s very very attractive
Omg is that a Puna over there!
by Kamaka November 22, 2021
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Punani (i.e. pussy) that smells like tuna fish. Hence the hybrid word "puna".
Damn I can smell that girls puna from a MILE away!!
by Natalie January 9, 2004
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