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Occurs when said boy, "jake," leads you on by coming on really strong on the front end so then you try to make plans to chill, but then he stops contacting you altogether. Said boys can usually be found on Tinder or in a frat.
1: Gosh this guy is such a douche, I tried to make plans to meet up with him, but I haven't heard back from him in like 3 hours.
2: Looks like your boy is pulling a jake, you must have met him on Tinder.
by kate_c@245 November 21, 2016
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Pulling a Jake is all about context because in different situations it means different things:
1. Referring to Anarchy: refuses to do something of the cultural norm regarding God most commonly

2. Referring to Hitler: Quoting or doing something related to Adolf Hitler
3. Referring to Communism: When one speaks, acts, gestures, or anything else's passionately about the positives of theorized communism
4. Referring to Spider-Man: When one is convinced or is expressing to others how Spider-Man is the best super hero without exceptions.
Ex. 1). Boy 1: Tommy didn't stand for the pledge of Allegiance because he's atheist. that's the way to show equality!
Boy 2: Yeah, it's cool he's like totally pulling a Jake, you know?!
Ex. 2). Girl 1: Samantha actually shared a really good quote from a speech by Hitler and it wasn't even anti-Semitic at all!
Girl 2: wow, that's really pulling a Jake, don't you think?
Ex. 3). Boy 1: Did you see the debate between Steven and Jordon about communism?
Girl 1: Yeah, of course! Steven convinced me that communism is great in theory! Oh, haha, I guess I'm pulling a Jake!
Ex. 4). Teacher: And that is why Batman is the absolute best.
Teacher: Why don't you march down to the office and tell them you were pulling a Jake!
by Seraphina Lindahl May 16, 2014
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-Doing something wrong and/or annoying that no one else would do
-Being a douchebag that no one likes
-Thinking you're cool/better than others/funny while you're really not
"God, he's seriously playing with a water bottle hanging from a string? He needs to stop pulling a Jake."
by MaxmanWarfare June 17, 2009
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when you do any dangerous and/or stupid act that can get you in serious trouble. when you have a moment where you have no common sense.
hey! quit pulling a jake over there and get down from that tree, the branch looks like it's gonna snap on you!
by j-and-j August 31, 2009
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Someone who is trying to put you in difficult or dangerous situations for amusement or financial gain
What an asshole all that guy did all night was try to bait people to fight his friends he was totally pulling a Jake.
by Max1984Harper June 30, 2018
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When you've got a big test or assignment due, but call in sick until you're certain that though at-home study you'll get a good mark. Pulling a Jake also includes telling all your friends that you did bad in a test, only to receive the highest grade possible at a later date.
James: Why isn't Tom at school today?
Bob: I think he's pulling a Jake.
James: Yeah probably, and I bet that when he turns up he'll tell us he that he failed the test.
by AnonGuyILikePie July 01, 2014
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