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to be caught blatanly staring at a girls boobs.
dude 1: dude, tim just pulled a cameron and got slapped.

dude 2: he had it coming. tim's not sneaky enough to get away with pulling a cameron.
by chirss April 28, 2008
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To fall asleep or K.O., preferably at a party, within the first hour.
Person #1: Where did Steph go?
Person #2: She's sleeping somewhere.
Person #1: The party just started!
Person #2: Yeah, she's definitely pulling a Cameron.
by Nigga Chris October 26, 2009
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Going into a friends bathroom and masturbaing. Then missing the fucking toliet.
"Dude, Morgan just masturbated and missed the fucking toliet. Hes totally pulling a Cameron."
by MMPRA August 27, 2008
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Feeling the urge to shit in ones dehumidifier. To start, locate a nearby dehumidifier. After discovering your destined location begin to take a shit of fury. Once you have completed this task, bring your shitfilled dehumidifier to the nearest sink. Dump your waste in the sink and proceed to shove the waste down the drain. Before pulling a cam, use caution because most will find this extremely addicting.
Jeff: dude you got a dehumidifier

John: yeah bro
jeff: you better, i have a new addiction called Pulling a Cameron
by PillowLady24 July 27, 2018
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