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Attempting to get permission to leave work early on any given day for a reason that is questionable in its legitimacy, or perhaps outright laughable. Often, the reason given will employ minor ailments such as getting "fuzz in one's eye" or "having a toothache". It is also preceded by a minimum of thirty minutes in which the individual must constantly groan, complain loudly to an unspecified and unsympathetic audience, close their eyes, grimace and ultimately create a spectacle which only further highlights the ludicrous nature of the stated discomfort.
Example 1: Did you hear that Vincent tried to leave work early today? He told Brian that his nose was too stuffed up and it was keeping him from hitting his quota. Brian knew he was just pulling a Kevin though and made him tough it out.

Example 2: Man, I was so hungover today that I decided on pulling a Kevin halfway through the day! Told them I felt sick and was going straight to the doctor, but really I just went home to get drunk again and watch Adventure Time in my boxers.
by dingleberryjones December 18, 2013
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verb. to saying something completely irrelevant to the subject at hand; to say something of which is absent of any rational thought or common sense; to say something obvious but in a stupid way

Guy#1: You know you look kinda Mexican.

Guy#2: I only look Mexican because before I was born my dad ate a lot of Mexican food........

(These were real quotes from an idiot friend and henceforth we call saying something stupid without rational thought "Pulling A Kevin".)
by T.n.T Bros. February 12, 2007
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The act of accidentally getting a younger girl pregnant and leaving your wife to live in a shed while remaining in sexual relation with woodland creatures (squirrels, rabbits, birds, etc.).
"Aw man i just visited the orphanage and i think i might be a dad again"

"Oh jeez dude, you're pulling a kevin "

"Well off to my shed, i here the squirrels are cute this time of year"
by Dæron June 26, 2018
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When you are so disgustingly unprepared for everything. No matter how many times you are told to do something you wait till the very last minute and usually end up letting down friends.
Man I told Jason to meet me to eat when I got out of work at 7. It's 7:30 and he's barely leaving his house. He's pulling a Kevin.
by Obi-Juan Ginobili May 29, 2016
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