means beeing who's totaly messed-up
Damn Howe you are a puke

Damn you are a good pukera
by howewookie July 23, 2008
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to laugh hysterically. uncontrolled laughing
that joke made me puke for at least 15 minutes
by Forum September 24, 2006
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A tiny black anarchist cat-bitch who reigns the laundry as a duke.
THE PUKE ATE MY EARRING! No scone munchies for you!
by Fiend1223edsd November 13, 2009
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The term used to describe a player with "good" alignment on a MUD. Usually used by the players with "evil" alignment.
Norso narrates: lots of dead pukes oermg
Erek narrates: that bree raid kicked ass
by matt June 5, 2003
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Occurs usually when someone is sick to there stomach
Steve : Hey Kiersten your hair is so soft & your eyes are amazing any guy would be lucky to kiss your beautiful face.
Kiersten : Hey Steve the sight of your ugly face makes me want to PUKE!
Steve : It would be an honor for me to clean up your Puke!
Kiersten : You disgust me stay away from me stay away from my sister or i'll have you fired!
Steve : Hey wanna come over to my place tonight and watch dirty dancing!
Kiersten : HELP!
by SlopNChop May 2, 2017
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Vomiting (aka Throwing up, Hurling, Booting, Ralphing, etc.)
"I was sick all weekend...Spent it puking my guts out'
by Absynthe26 May 15, 2010
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verb:/ to vomit, cough up the contents of one's stomach. esp. after consuming gratuitous amounts of mind-altering substances
Shit! He puked in my car!
by Stizeve and Bish December 24, 2002
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