A under rated city, the next thing to pop in Hip Hop. Providence a city filled with mostly Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, and African Americans that are just trying to get by.

A small city with the population about a 200,000 with very high crime rate.

Providence is the only city in Rhode Island with diversity, you will see very little white people.

Providence is divided into 3 sides South Side, West Side, and East Side.

Providence has many haters, probaly because they got their shit ran by someone from there, or there ass kicked.
*A white family in mini-van drives through Providence*

Billy- Mom im scared.

Mom- Don't worry Billy we will be fine if you dont look at no one stright in the eye. * Locks doors, and puts up windows*

Loud rap music in background

Billy- Mom that music isn't Hillary Duff.

Mom- Yes, I know its Providence music.

Billy- Providence Music?


Masshole- Where you from?

Providence Nigga- Im from providence?

Masshole- Ahaha fuck providence shit is wack.

Providence Nigga- *Pulls out .357 Slug and puts it in his mouth* What nigga, keep talking shit I'll blow your fucking head off, if you ever talk shit bout Providence.

Masshole- Im sorry, Im sorry.

Providence Nigga- Fuck it *Pulls Triger*
by ProvFinest1589 July 29, 2005
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Main city in Rhode Island, contains a lot of 'hood, a few rich college kids at Brown, and ghetto trash of all races. Women tend to wear lots of makeup, tramp stamps and gold jewelry. Men wear gold chains and ghetto style including shiny white sneakers and hats cocked up and to the side.
"This guy from Providence was wearin' Gucci gold chains and had a pimped out old Audi. My parents were not impressed."
by aalliissssoonn March 11, 2006
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Rhode Island state capitol.

Nothing to be afraid of.

Diverse melting pot style neighborhoods......Going down the toilet since the "corrupt" mayor got tossed.

Mr. Cianci may have not done things the way others would...but he got shit done and the city was better off.

The major free local publication(The Providence Phoenix) is a complete peice of shit rag that doesn't have the slightest clue about anything going on in the underground music scene (hip hop or rock) and they just step on and devastate the local music scene with their horrible bullshit in print.

the bad neighborhoods aren't even that bad if you think of human beings as human beings.....

I'm a scrawny white kid and I ride my bike through south prov and olneyville when its dark and light and never have problems.

There are alot of prejudice people and there are alot of pollitically correct people.....neither of which I really care for..

apparently there is a mob presence but I doubt like hell anyone ever "actually" witnesses any presence except for italian people eating italian food at italian restaraunts...

There is a large club scene here which is completely destroying the music scene and filling our neighborhoods with lousy college kids who have no courtesy for neighbors and drunk drivers flying up and down our streets making the pedestrian population unsafe.

This has the potential to be a great bike city....but it isn't.

Apparently they teach kids how to be juvenile delinquent shitheads at hope high school because thats what the majority of kids that come out of that school are...( there are always those shining scholar exceptions however )
But most of the time they are just no-good lazy,violent,drug addicted losers that just walk around after school...start riots at the mall and steal from retailers and blast shitty mp3s on there cellphones that sound like garbage.

This city has a lousy mayor who doesn't know how to do his fucking job and is a complete pansy.

the police is pretty onpoint......maybe they aren't always taking care of business in the proper order of importance but for the most part they are understanding and helpful in most situations.

Federal hill is just like any other ordinary restaraunt strip...nothing special...

all in all....providence is losing its appeal very quickly..

boston realtors are constantly moving in,buying up properties and jacking up rents.....

and the new faces jsut aren't as friendly or as educated as the ones that have been here for a while.

I love this city..it's beautiful...but its on its way out.

Waterfire sucks too.....nothing but a bunch of out of towners shittin up the joint and causing traffic jams city wide.
Providence-Get out...

new jacks-Us? Why?

Providence-Because you're shittin' up the joint.

new jacks-you serious?

Providence-Yeah I am.
by Providencebeast April 16, 2007
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One crazy city to live in whether you a thug, college kid, or A fuckin granny. Rival City with Boston. A few reason why:

The Boston vs Providence Rivalry began when a few bitches from the Bean hailing from "The Point" came down to Chalkie a.k.a Chalkstone Ave at a House party. These beantown "thugs" received love fROm everyone in Providence until after a few bottles of Bacardi 151 they started talkin shit about the city. 2hours later when the party died down 3 disguised men in ski masks broke the door down and pulled out one .40 cal a .99 pistol and the other shit looked like a .88. Anyways, the bean town sissies caused everyone to get into deep shit because of their shit talking and lost their gold chains and bosotn red sox fitted hats.

After such a sad attempt to prove their thug-ness the shit talkin began and people started gettin hurt.And its gonna keep goin on till they admit that Boston a city with 500,000 is sadly Least G then Providence in all Aspects. So basically you coming to providence and youre not from there DONT START TALKING SHIT CAUSE IT LOOK LIKE A CHILL SPOT(WHICH IT CAN BE) BUT WHEN YOU START TALKIN SHIT THE BATS AND GATS COME OUT, AND TRUST ME LITTLE 8YR OLD DOMINICAN RUGRATS RUNNING AORUND WITH SEMI-AUTOS.

And dont even start with that "Ayo B's up C's up blah blah blah" Go to fuckin southside or Westend and run that shit. You comin to mothafuckin Chad Brown projects aka Admiral Terrace or Mount Hope you gettin your ass beat and you walkin home in your underpants.And i aint no online thug but if you think I am try us bitch.
Providence Street kid-Oh yeah? Ayo hold my Pepsi nigga, YO HOLD IT *Pulls out semi-auto pistol*
Not from Providence-YO I GOT THIS *Pulls out boxcutter*
Not From Providence-*mutters out* bitch
Providence kid-I HEARD THAT NIGGA.
by your nigga P April 03, 2009
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The capital of Rhode Island. Aka P-Town. The city full of impoverished suburbs such as Southside, West End, Manton, Olneyville, and Northern Providence. The high points of the city is its downtown, east side, Providence Place Mall and FUCKIN FEDERAL HILL!! I suggest you visit the Hill, where my men creepin.
I'm reppin P-Town son.

Come down on Charles Street and get beaten with a bat.

Roam Southside and receive a bullet to the head.
by Vincent February 08, 2004
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the best ckity in the world, we located in rhode island. niggas be gettin shot up, stabbed up, fucked up and robbed. dont ckome thru if u kno wuts good for u, i been livin in prov my whole life, i been shot 3 times n stabbed twice n im still here screamin B'z up!!!!! reppin 5 and killin these bitckh ass ckrabz. str8 BLOOD bitckh!!!!!
white boy - hey can you give me directions back to warwick please?

providence nigga - nah nigga u stuck *pulls out a gun while niggas surround his ckar* get the fuck out n gimme your shit!

white boy - please, dont do this, i'll give you whatever you want! here, take all my money just please dont kill me!

2nd providence nigga - yo shoot this lil bitckh

providence nigga - *shoots him in tha head and takes all his shit*
by provzfinezt August 16, 2007
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A city filled with homosexuals and transvestites located in Rhode Island... literally... EVERY SINGLE PERSON.

The queers that live in the city won't step foot in the city of Boston (about 45 miles north) because they get beat down so badly, they have to come home via an ambulance.

providence is basically a dump, where queer, cock sucking, trashy wanna-be wiggers and actual niggers coexist.
nigger homos from providence: yo... we goin up to boston and fuck niggers up

in boston, on the 6 o'clock news: gay niggers from providence get shot up and sent back in body bags.
by providence blows September 05, 2006
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