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better than veil, and their dickriders

protosmasher is a roblox lego exploit for the best of the best, with many great features, our god slappy rarely updates protosmasher, however it looks amazing so he's excused

protosmasher is a competitor to the exploit 'Veil' made by some retard who is only popular because AzulFag shouted him out
ProtoSmasher is the best exploit ever!
Veil is no match to ProtoSmasher
SlappySlackOff826 created ProtoSmasher
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by SomeoneYouDoNotKnow September 25, 2017
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This is the best lego hack ever made to execute full lua and is a level 0 script executor
and is way better than the worlds worst exploit Synapse and is better than belu and Vashthot
by succboi102 July 22, 2018
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Protosmasher is an exploit for the game ROBLOX and has become widely popular for its massive capabilities of injection and cheating in ROBLOX, however recently the update times to keep the exploit usable have been lacking and users have become unhappy. Slappy (the creator), however, is making a patch to make the update times much faster than it would usually take to update.
Bill: "Yo, protosmasher just got updated with a cool patch adding bypasses for a new check!"
Tim: "Yeah but synapse still updates faster"
Bill: "But proto has better features?"
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by Pyrolaxian May 10, 2018
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Protosmasher is a level 7 exploit made by slappy the dog ass. He sucks Austin Ass for many things.
Also Protosmasher is used to smash dumbless girls.

Also if you are reading this Protosmasher buyers . You can go suck my dick my name is GOKU BLACK FROM XYZ BITCHS
Hey Man. Thanks for looking for my girl Protosmasher.
Protosmasher: Yeah Don't worry man we will have a fun time.
by BlackIsTheNewRose August 07, 2017
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