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Prongles, rather than Pringles, are about three dollars cheaper, and still come in the distintive shape and in a tube.
by G-rash June 16, 2009
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The ultimate chip that once you pop, THAT’S GREAT! Brayden, the Xtreme warthog, is their awesome mascot. Available in great flavors such as Salt & Potato as well as Onions & Cream.
“Hey man, can you pass me the Prongles”
“Sure” *passes the can*
*Pops open the can* “That’s Great”
by Solarixmd November 24, 2017
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1. An honorable stack
2. Taking away a person's pride otherwise; another's bitch
Dude: Shit, I lost my Prongles agian!
Guy: I have your Prongles now, bitch.
by yung March 22, 2004
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The worst possible insult known to mankind.

This word usually causes its victims to kill themselves out of shame.
"Hey, you're a fuckin' prongle"


"Dear god, what have I done?"
by treeassnigga May 30, 2018
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