What someone types or says when you ask them what they're doing, and they're too busy to spell it right.
Mike: Dude what are you doing?
Adam: Looking at pron!
by Someone223423423 August 14, 2008
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the short version of the phrase, "pros and cons."
guy 1: hey man, I really wanna go masturbate but I also want to sleep early tonight
guy 2: well, what are the prons of sleeping early tonight?
by DabbageCabbage September 07, 2018
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When your penis is cut in half because you're masturbating too much.
I was pronned because my parents saw me fapping
by duckmaster45 December 16, 2019
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A super secret code word that allows you to talk about porn in school.
Kid: Did you see that cool pron last night
Other Kid: Oh yeah I did
Teacher: What could they be talking about?
via giphy
by PronMaster69 August 30, 2019
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That porn that you find on youtube that ain't porn
Yo, man, I was watching that pron last night. It sucked dick, which is something I don't do lololol.
by tttunicman June 24, 2019
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Pron is another way to say Gay Porn

Pron is also spelled Pr0n.

Pr0n / Pron = Gay Porn
Woah! Dude lets go watch that Pron I just downloaded!
by Matt Nev February 13, 2006
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