Short for "promiscuous". A gender neutral term for a person who freely engages in sexual activities, and the exact opposite of prude. Generally has a slightly negative connotation when spoken, but more semantically neutral than slut or whore.
"Don't be such a prude."
"I'd rather be a prude than a prome."
by IndigoFenix June 1, 2018
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for when someone gets unbelievably drunk that all memory is lost and the past nights events are so regrettable that you wish you could relive it this usually happens at proms and school dances
"omg did you see me last night i was so promed"

"did you see john last night man that guy was promed"
by murphy1990 January 16, 2010
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To have sex with
I promed that bitch on prom night.
Man i prommed her so hard.
by Sgt.Sausage April 24, 2011
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A puggish looking man with the bugged out eyes and a smooshed up face. Likely to be a weird ass and socially awkward in all situations. Laughs with his tongue sticking out exactly like a pug. Avoid in all situations but if encountered do not speak of fried chicken or Mexican food.
by Edd437 December 5, 2019
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