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One of the few interesting hardcore punk/metal Christian bands around. Their latest album is the best/hardest.
Project 86 have some good tunes to jam to.
by LarstaiT January 12, 2004
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An awesome Christian hardcore rock group. It has four members who have stuck by it from the beginning, even though their names have changed now and then.

They have four albums (in chronological order):

Project 86
Drawing Black Lines
Truthless Heroes
Songs to Burn Your Bridges By

The best album is Truthless Heroes, which has an almost cult like following in the undergroud that completely transcends the bands popularity.

And whoever said that the latest album was the hardest needs to check what's in their crack pipe, because as with almost every hardcore band, the first album was the hardest. Drawing Black lines probably ties with Songs for the tamest album, but neither are by any stretch mellow.
Random Kid: Hey, this says Project 86's drummer is named Hatchet!

P86 Fan: Yeah, he used to have a real name, but they completely disregarded the deep occultic truths of Truthless Heroes and sold out to a vast corrupt media system.
by The Gecko July 14, 2005
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To throw something out the window of a car to dispose of it. There's really no reason to say this phrase though.
Timmy: "Oh darn guys, hide the three empty O'Doul's cans! My mom's pulling into the driveway! Quick, turn off the Skinemax!"
Johnny: "Don't worry dude, I'll run up in my whiznip and project 86 that shiznit!"
Timmy: "What does that mean? Oh shoot here she comes. My gosh!"
Mom: "Timmy! Were you drinking O'Doul's and watching bad reception pornography?"
Timmy: "Um, uh, no...I mean, yes."
Mom: "Well then I've raised a little fucking girl. Here, take this case of Slalom Lager and this tape of "Jenna Jameson gets it in the ass from a horse". You fucking bitch."
by Nick D January 12, 2004
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