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Person who receives multiple degrees and keeps taking courses instead of holding a profession related to the degrees earned. Can be a compliment or an insult depending on the speaker.
Ex. 1: a compliment
"Man, I think you're so cool for writing a dissertation on Mesoamerican maize fertilization. You're a real professional student!"

Ex.2 an insult:
"Hey Jack, won't you get a real job and quit being a professional student?"
by ignor September 29, 2004
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Some one who goes to school with no specific reason in mind or goal. Someone who likes going to school. Someone who never wants to graduate.

These people know the ins and outs of everything that has to do with college and may have been in school for several years for whatever reason (children, leisure, ect.)

Professional students know when the deadline to adding/dropping class, all about financial aid, how to get books half price and are the go to people for newbies.
Newbie student: My financial aid isn't do this and that!

Professional student: If you go to the website fill out this form, and return it here you should get your financial add

Newbie student: Thanks!
by Yoshi3329 April 24, 2010
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One who is studying for a professional graduate degree; particularly a law, medical, dentistry, veterinary, or business student.
Man, what are all these undergrads' cars doing in the garage? As a professional student, I should get priority.
by Rhythmgen January 20, 2010
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A professional student is a person that has reached a level(USUALLY REACHED IN 9TH GRADE) where they can bullshit everything they do in school and still get A's
Did you do the math homework?
Fuck that i am a professional student
Whats your math average
by Louis January 12, 2006
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