someone who has a problem or is very weird!
look at Aaron, he has a problemo
by setonrox May 18, 2009
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its a problem no its a problemo
that is a big problemo
by gg no ree May 27, 2019
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An American slang term that bears no relation to real Spanish, but is used widely in films and TV shows.

The correct Spanish terms are:

No hay problema; No hay de que; Ningun problema; No te preocupes, etc., etc., but NEVER "no problemo," which makes the speaker (or film and TV script writer) sound provincial and ignorant.
"Dude, can I borrow your car?"

"No problemo! (usually uttered with an annoying surfer-dude or frat-boy tone).
by Madre2 August 24, 2010
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An Americanized version of the Spanish "no problema" which means "no problem". Pretty much accepted as slang in American society. Appeared in the popular film Terminator 2 and in the television series The Simpsons.
Girlfriend: Hey honey, can you pick up some wheat germ from the store for me?
Boyfriend: Sure, no problemo.
Girlfriend: That's "no problema"!
Boyfriend: Yeah, yeah, whatever.
by Spidey and Cheep August 14, 2007
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Racist and stupid thing to say when talking to a Latino.
Latino:"Hey let me help you with that"
American:"No problemo hahaha I can do it myself"
Latino:"whatever bitch"
American:"*shoots pepper spray on face of Latino*"
by eddiee July 2, 2007
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person 1: "Dude why the fuck would you say that?"
person 2: *posts image of a trollface with "el problemo?" under it*
by MasterDJRE February 28, 2021
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